How to Apply Skin Care Products in the Right Order

So you know which products works for you.

You finally have that cream which gets rid of your spots. That moisturiser you’ve been looking for your whole life. A cleanser which you know gets rid of grime and dirt. Toner that you can’t live without. Oil that brings your skin back to life and a serum that makes or breaks your skin.

So how do we correctly apply these skin care products?

It’s simple…

Number 1 we start with our cleanser

Our cleanser will determine if our skin care routine if effective or not.

It cleans our skin so we have a strong base to start from.

Number 2 comes in our toner


Dirt may still remain on our skin, even after we’ve used a cleanser. Simply put some of your toner on a cotton pad and wipe it over your skin. A good toner will clear up your pores and allow your skin to breathe.

In spot number 3, we have our spot cream

If you benefit from any specific spot or scar treatment, this is the best time to use it. As the skin is still able to absorb anything, instantly.  Your skin will definitely benefit from cream at this point.

In at number 4, is our serum

The general rule of thumb for a skin care routine is light products, should be used at early stages of the routine. And we are still at the early stages. So make sure to include a serum in step 4, as your skin will consume it right-away.

Our eye cream can come in at number 5

So many of you were probably thinking eye cream should be used last. Well that’s not true. You see, eye creams are thin and need to be clear of barriers. Make sure to apply your eye cream before moving on.

At number 6, we need to use our moisturiser

Even if you have oily skin, you NEED to moisturise, no “ifs” or “buts” just do it! Go grab some of that creamy stuff and lather it on to your skin.

So for number 7 we have oil

Oil is one of the few types of products out there, which is able to penetrate the skin, even if there’s layers of product sitting on top. Simply get a little bit of oil and massage it in.

Last but not least at number 8, we have SPF

If you applied SPF first, your whole skin care regiment would be useless. SPF is a thick cream and should be applied as the last step in your skin care routine.

And that’s how you apply your skin care products in the most effective way, for maximum results.

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