How to Get Rid of Butt Acne Fast

So you wake-up and run your hands down your butt cheeks, it’ smooth and.. wait a second…

…it’s not smooth. In-fact you feel bumps. You go to the mirror only to find out…

…there’s pimples.

You say to yourself “Has my acne REALLY become this bad, it’s spread to my butt?” “Is it genetics, or am I just unlucky”?

Try to relax.

Because in this post, I’m going to tell you why pimples appear on your bottom and how to treat it.

First of all…

How does a person get butt acne?

It’s actually pretty simple and makes sense.

“Buttne”as it’s commonly referred to, is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria which ends up being trapped by hair follicles and dirt. This causes you butt cheeks to become inflamed and infected.”

One of the biggest reasons you have butt acne, is your butt gets sweaty. The moist, damp sweat allows bacteria to get stuck to your skin and gather impurities. Resulting in buttne.

Make sure you take a shower as soon as you finish your workout. At this point your bottom has become very sweaty and it’s the perfect time for bacteria and dirt to gather. So make sure you get into the shower, as-soon-as-possible.

Maybe you don’t sweat because your working out, maybe it’s something else. Like you constantly being on the go and living in a hot place. In that case…

…make sure you bring along some wet wipes. So if you feel you’re sweating excessively, take a bathroom brake and wipe away at your cheeks. Cleaning it, getting rid of bacteria and helping your skin to breathe.

When taking a shower, don’t just stand there and point water at you bottom, thinking that will get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria. You need to exfoliate. Make sure to get your hand on a brush, some tea tree oil, and brush away. The reason you want to scrub with tea tree oil, is because of its ant-bacterial properties.

Are you using a razor on you butt?

Well, that’s a bad idea.

Your razor will cut the hair and a little bit of skin with it. As a result ingrown hairs will form and cause a blockage. This blockage will gather oil, dirt and bacteria. Resulting in a rash and pimples.

Instead of a razor make sure to use clippers or wax to actually pull the hair out.

So those are the reasons you get butt acne and how to get rid of them.

And before I go…

Let me ask you something…

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