Facial Steamer Machine Review {What YOU Need to Know}

facial steamer

So we’ve all heard of the facial steamer machine, right?

Today we will be discussing how steaming your face will end your bad skin. And how it reduces your stress levels, all in this facial steamer machine review.

Benefits of Facial Steaming


YOU have acne because gunk, oil and dirt has built up in your skin. It’s okay, it happens with our day-to-day lives, we understand you’re constantly on the go and your skin naturally collects dirt.


…that’s no excuse, there are things you can do about this and one of those things is facial steaming.

Steaming your face is a proven method in unclogging pores. That hot steam will constantly be hitting your skin, loosening your pores causing oil and dirt to fall out.

Another cause for acne is stress. Scientists have found a strong link between stress and acne, stress causes our body to increase in oil and this oil will clog our pores.

Facial steaming is well known for reducing stress levels and calming your nerves. When the hot steam hits our mouth and nose, it regulates our breathing and forces us to breath in a calm pattern.

Solves Sinus Issues

Inhaling steam through your nose is an effective method in curing sinus problems. The steam will dissolve the blocks of mucus and overall get rid of gunk. A great for home use.

Tip: Put in some oil or dry leafs into the water and then inhale the steam.

Types of facial steamers

Handheld Steamerhandheld face steamer

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This is a life saver if you have dry skin.

Picture thisYou’ve had a long day but there’s one more thing you’re going to do, and that’s going on a romantic date with your partner.

There is no time to go home and get ready, check if you’re okay or even start putting on a bit of makeup. There is simply no time and you’re already getting late, you’re face looks dry and flaky.

What do you do in this situation?

It’s simple, pull out your portable facial steamer and blast your face with a few sprays. This will hydrate and bring your skin back to life. And off you go to your romantic date.

Hassle and worry free.

This can also help with sinus issues, if you feel like your sinuses are playing up you can easily and quickly treat that sinus through a portable steamer.


  • High tech gadget runing silently
  • Immediately hydrates skin
  • Can also provide cool mists
  • Charge your smartphone via USB
  • Use anywhere and everywhere


  • Does not provide the same steam impact as other at home face sauna

Mask Steamer

facial mask steamer

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So you’re getting ready to go out or simply doing your skin care routine. A mask steamer will come in handy and it’s just as it sounds, you place your face in the mask.

Placing your face in or slightly above the mask, either way you will receive astonishing results. You see, mask type steamers will allow you to get the full benefit of every bit of steam produced.

You simply need to plug in the steamer, put some water in and BINGO! You’re set and ready to go.


  • Concentrated steam to your face
  • Cheap but effective
  • Includes nose cap for nasal treatments
  • Gentle on the skin hair and body
  • Removes blackheads


  • No option to switch from cold to warm steam

Panasonic Nano Spa Facial Steamer

Panasonic at home sauna

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Do you have back acne and in serious need of a cure?

Well it’s your lucky day. It can feel awkward and embarrassing to go into a sauna in order to treat your back acne with steam. People looking at your back and feeling grossed out, I’ve had the same feeling so I’ve never stepped foot in a sauna.


…you can use this type of steamer which will point towards your back or face. Finally  you will have a powerful treatment for your back acne.

It’s a little bit on the expensive side but many will tell you, it’s worth more than its asking price. No amount of money can replace beautiful skin. You NEED to invest in this type of treatment for your skin. You will be pleased with the results.

Fun fact: This Panasonic model is considered by many to be the best professional facial steamer machine on the market. And is considered to be the best brand in 2017.

Cool feature: This steamer will create both Hot and cold steam.


  • Immediate steam as soon as it’s turned on
  • Silent machine
  • Thoroughly removes makeup
  • Capable of steaming your back
  • Penetrates your skin


  • Can be expensive compared to other face humidifiers

How does it work?

Of course every facial steamer has its own set of instructions but they’re actually functionally universal.

  1. Every steamer will need to be filled with water, so depending on your version of steamer, fill it according to instructions provided.
  2. Your at home facial steamer may come with a cone/mask, so make sure you place the cone on the base.
  3. Once you have the cone attached and water in, you need to plug in your steamer and wait 5 minutes for the water to heat.
  4. Place your face 4-inches away from the heat source.
  5. Leave your face there as long as you would like and take breaks in between if you want.

Most Effective Routine

  1. Remove the make up from your face with a cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate your skin with a brush or facial wash (preferably facial wash with beads).
  3. Apply a nose strip and once it has served its purpose, remove it
  4. Apply your favourite face mask for the appropriate amount of time and then remove it.
  5. You will now want to use your facial steamer, people have found the sweet spot for steaming their face is 10-15 minutes. (Put some tea tree oil in the water for a powerful boost)
  6. After you have finished steaming your face, pat it dry with a cool soft towel.
  7. Use a good moisturiser or serum at the end of this routine.

This is a proven method to greatly improve your skin, especially if you are prone to acne.

Does it Really Work?

Skin steaming isn’t anything new, it’s been around for over 1000 years. In-fact, ancient Romans and Greeks would steam their skin for the purpose of health and beauty.

These civilisations discovered that steam locks moisture into the skin and helped remove the impurities due to their busy day.

Your skin is the biggest organ you have, you need to look after it because it’s supposed to last you a life time.


We live in the modern era and we’re fortunate enough to have these tools at our disposal. No more of filling up a bucket of boiling water and placing a towel over our head. Those dreadful times are over.

You can now plug a device into your socket and away you go to having beautiful skin.

Unlike other skin treatments such as creams and soaps which can work better on certain skin types. Facial steaming will work most effectively with any skin type out there.

Have a friend or family member that suffers from bad skin? They will be forever great full to you for gifting them an at home, hassle free face sauna. Your friend or family member doesn’t have to be self-conscious about walking into a sauna and people staring at his/her skin problem.

The will have their home sauna.


How this will benefit your life:

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Hydrates skin
  • Balances oil levels
  • Calms your nerves
  • Softens your skin
  • Your skin will glow
  • Solves sinus issues



Q: When to steam the face?

You can steam your face whenever you’d like, especially with a portable facial steamer. But many people find the most effective time to steam the face is either in the morning or before they go to bed.

Q: What to put in water when steaming face?

You can add serums, oils or even leafs to the water. If you have acne I would recommend adding tea tree oil to the water because tea tree is known for its antibacterial properties.

Q: Which steamer to buy?

There are of-course many steamers and different types out there. But the one I as a skin enthusiast would recommend you purchasing, is the professional Panasonic steamer. This steamer will not only let you steam your face, but also other body parts like your back.


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