Does the Caveman Regimen Work for Teens?

Is the caveman regimen for teens? People have asked this over and over again. In today’s post we will be putting an answer to that question.

But first of all…

What is the caveman regimen?

The caveman regimen is all about going back to the stone ages. No beauty products, face wash, soaps moisturisers, you get the idea, right?

The only close thing to a product you can be using is water to clean your skin with. With all those products you have piled up and use to using. It certainly is like going back to the stone ages. Looking at those products and saying to yourself “Stop, you can’t use them.”

Admittedly, the caveman regimen was bigger a few years ago but people are still using it today, in 2017.

People believe and even swear by the caveman regimen for healing active acne.

The only way to find out if it truly works is by doing it yourself.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives about the caveman regimen.


  • No more morning and night time skin routines
  • Cheap and economical as skin care gets
  • No more worrying about makeup


  • May not work as well with oily skin
  • Can feel uncomfortable knowing your skin is only being treated with water
  • Your acne maybe a hormonal issue, how will less skin products and water treat it?

Let’s take a look at the last bullet point in “Cons”. Hormonal acne can be caused by the things we eat such as dairy.

You see, there is a theory that a lot of our milk comes from pregnant cows and because of this. The dairy we consume contains residue of hormonal cow and we consume end up taking in these hormones. As a result we get break out.


remember, it’s just a theory and it may or may not be true.


Some people say that with the caveman regimen there should be no water. I guess you can can call this post a modified caveman regimen.

Does the caveman regimen work for teens?

Well for this question I would like for you to play a video by a teen named “Toby Gomez” who can’t say enough great things about the caveman regimen.

As you saw, our friend Toby loves the caveman regimen and is a teen. Much of what he said makes perfect sense.

He mentions how him and his friends are very similar, they play the same sports and eat the same foods. It’s the same way with his father who has the same genetics, his father has no acne but he does, why?

Well the only difference he found in lifestyles between his father and himself is, he puts on a lot of products. And his dad simply washes his skin with water. So the caveman regimen made perfect sense for him to try out.

He mentions how these products actually irritate the skin and destroy it’s natural barrier.

With all these products the skin gets use to not having to moisturise itself since it’s receiving moisture from external sources. And because of this the skin adapts in slowing down production for oils.

When you suddenly stop putting products on your skin, it will dry up and produce too much oil. You will need to give it enough time to balance back to its normal and natural form.

This acne treatment make sense for everyone including teenagers or especially teenagers. Since acne will only increase for them because of their hormones and suddenly they will start putting these products on their skin. Which may do more harm than good.

Toby’s caveman regimen is with water

Before and after results

Caveman Regimen for Teens F.A.Q

Q: Can you wear makeup with the caveman regimen.

A: No, this will hurt the treatment’s progress.

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